I come in contact with people from all around the world and what I've come to realize is that people are in need of hope. The facts of life can sometimes cause us to doubt and feel defeated. I know first hand what its like to have "the hard facts" thrown at you like a rushing wave and leave you grasping for air. Sometimes those hard facts are given by Doctors, or people close to you. I believe that facts don't always align with the truth. You see, when I went into pre-term with my son, he was given a 20% chance of survival. No one could tell us for certain what his outcome would be if we proceeded with medical intervention. That statistic was given based on the fact that he was 22 weeks gestation and not many babies are born that early AND survive. So facts vs. truth were at odds.

100% Miracle sweater is from  Halos & Miracles

100% Miracle sweater is from Halos & Miracles

Now, I'm not trying to be deep at all, but when my OB asked my husband and I what our decision was all I could think of was, "He who began a good work IN me will be faithful to complete it. (Phillipians 1:6) What exactly does THAT mean? I'm glad you asked! That means, no matter what we were presented with I knew that God was doing something special. I believed deep down in my heart that God's work would be complete but not in the way we had imagined or planned. While the statistics were scary to process I felt peace and hope. While no parent wants the hard job of having to decide weather or not to save their child I was optimistic. The truth of God's word was stronger than any facts that came our way. What truly helped us along the way was being active participants in Jaxson's miracle. It would take 119 days before we could truly say that Phillipians 1:6 had come to pass.

100% Miracle Sweater is from  Halos & Miracles  

100% Miracle Sweater is from Halos & Miracles 

My son is a MIRACLE 100% and that's the truth, he beat the facts that were spoken over his life. Sometimes I get the question: What makes him a miracle? And to that I answer, he was born 17 weeks premature, and despite a lengthy NICU stay, he is now 2 years old and COMPLETELY healthy, happy and thriving. While he has been diagnosed with a Speech delay and still has developmental assessments every 6 months, Jaxson's story is miraculous. There are times when its hard dealing with the little idiosyncrasies that follow you from the NICU. But we know how far he's come and where he could've been. He could've been nothing more than a statistic, but God saw fit to save his life. And the great thing is that I still believe the best is yet to come. Each season of life brings more milestones and more reasons to remain in awe of God's work in Jaxson.   


It is my goal and mission to continue telling the world about our amazing little miracle. If there's nothing more we can offer, we want to give you HOPE. We want you to look at our life and our son and say, "because of you, I didn't give up!" No matter where you are in your season of life, hold onto your hope and believe that better is coming. 

Remember, we never go through ANYTHING just for us! Our stories and journey's can be the key that unlocks someone else prison. The key to helping them get to THEIR miracle. So don't give up when its hard, hold on to your truth and watch your miracle unfold right before your eyes!