On the Move

You ever have one of the moments where it feels like everything is moving at such a fast pace? Well, that's exactly how I feel these days! The Holidays snuck up on us and I am finally (kinda) catching my breath! My family and I are in the midst of relocating to a new home before the end of the year AND our little Jaxson is on the move too! With Jaxson being much more mobile and with us having 2 small businesses which are run from home, we are desperately in need of more space.

On Thanksgiving he decided to take his first unassisted steps! Talk about an amazing moment! It happened so fast that I wasn't able to get my camera recording fast enough. I did manage to eventually capture about 30 seconds on video and I have literally watched it almost a thousand times LOL. Yes, I am THAT mom. But I make no apologies for being overly excited and proud of my boy. He's conquered so much in his 17 months of life and seeing him reach milestones big and small just make me overjoyed. Since his first unassisted steps he's managed to really get the hang of walking and has been a little moving machine. I love seeing him defy the odds, when the Dr.s said NO God said YES! He has given my little boy life and the ability to thrive more and more each day. I've been trying to soak in all that's new with Jaxson and really take the time to make sure he feels special and give him the love and attention he needs. With our house hunt going on, I've admittedly been a little stressed. When I say it's literally been a big fat headache, I mean it! My faith is being tested and some days I feel like I am hanging on by a thread trying to manage everything and hitting dead ends with securing a new home. The stress has been palpable and I wasn't giving my best to Jaxson because I was busy trying to FIND the best for him and our little family. 

Life can throw us all curve balls and its how we handle them that shows us who we are. I was letting our situation get the best of me until I finally said NO MORE! With my feelings all over the place, and being just days away from Christmas and a New Year on the horizon, this past weekend hubby and I decided to make the best of this season of our life. We got our house deep cleaned, had a double family date with our good friends, did our Christmas shopping AND put up decorations in the house. Its amazing what letting go and staying present can do for you. Amidst the crazy, we were also able to take our holiday photos and mail out our Christmas cards. What I'm learning through this season is that we can't control everything. This seems like a constant reminder, even thinking back to when Jaxson was in the NICU. I had no real control over what was going on. Although we aided in Jaxson's growth and development, we had no control over what would or could happen day to day. Was it hard? YES! Did it suck? YES! But the only person I could look to for help and peace is God. We make plans, but ultimately it is the Lord who determines our steps. (Proverbs 16:9) Some things are beyond our control. But I think there is beauty in managing the things you CAN control. I'm learning to do the best with what I have, God's grace is sufficient and its what will help us get through this season of unknowns and lead us into the new season God is preparing for us.