Baby Dedication

May 22nd was a very special day for our family, it is the day we dedicated our little miracle Jaxson to the Lord. A baby dedication is likened to that of a Christening. The congregation stands and says a prayer, the baby is blessed by the Pastor/Bishop and a beautiful certificate in given to commemorate the occasion. As Jaxson's parents we made the decision and commitment in front of our family and congregation to instill Godly principles in Jaxson. We plan to teach him the right way to go with God leading Him and helping him to fulfill is God given purpose in life. Jaxson is a child of God and we are so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to do this for our son. God is the center of our lives and the reason we have been able to conquer so many hurdles and come out triumphant. Things are perfect BUT our faith is what grounds us and allows us to live a beautiful blessed life.

I remember one Sunday while Jaxson was in the NICU, our church was having baby dedication service. Through my silent tears, I prayed and asked God to allow us the chance to be able to dedicate our son to Him. There were so many things we didn't get to do because of my preterm labor, but THIS is something that we were going to do because delayed does NOT mean denied!

Leading up to this weekend was pretty exciting. I wanted everything to be perfect, this was the day we were looking forward to for many months! He wore an adorable outfit for Janie & Jack that was given to us at his baby shower by my sister-in-law. Very cute plaid button up onesie and trousers with suspenders and baby loafers! SO CUUUUUUUUTE!!!! I was excited and nervous all the same. Even Jaxson was excited, he woke up around 5am and our alarm was set for 7am LOL Our families came from all over town to be a part of this special day and we couldn't have asked for anything more. We took lots of pictures, (in which Jaxson has his fingers in his mouth because yep he is teething) and had a nice brunch after the service.

We have had so many people praying for Jaxson and our family over the last 10 1/2 months and it was an awesome feeling to stand on that stage and have Jaxson blessed and dedicated. Being a mom is not something that I take lightly. God has blessed me with this responsibility to nurture, love, teach, protect, guide and so much more. Everyday presents new challenges and opportunities for growth, but with faith I know my family and I will continue on the journey to be a blessing to others!