A Mother's Promise

When I think of a promise I think of a commitment. You are either pledging to someone or them to you. I knew once I became a mature adult that I wanted to have my own family. I even knew what type of of mother I wanted to be and I always wanted to raise a son. Once my husband and I found out we were pregnant with a baby boy we knew God had heard and answered our prayers! At 21 weeks pregnant, I unexpectedly started having complications with my pregnancy. I was hospitalized one week prior to delivering our son. It was very hard to wrap my mind around what we were going through. The Doctors flooded my husband and I with information a parent NEVER wants to hear. The statistics were a 20% chance of survival. We were given a choice- life or death. My OB sat at the foot of my bed and looked me directly in my eyes and said, "what do you want to do?" And with tears in my eyes I told him, "save my son, I don't care what happens to me just save him". From that moment forward I had a made the biggest promise of my life- I would fight even if it took me out, I just wanted my baby boy to have a chance. 

We had no idea that on July 18th I would deliver a 1lb 3oz and 11 inches long baby boy by the name of Jaxson. The days and nights were long as we journeyed back and forth to the NICU for 119 days. I promised Jaxson during that time, that I would always be there for him. I would do any and everything to make sure he had a great life. I promised to not let his early arrival hinder him from being great and breaking barriers. Though he may have delays down the road, I promise to encourage, love and challenge him to the best young man he can be. I promised that no matter how hard the road, or how dark the nights, I would share his story to be an inspiration to others, and tell of the amazing miracle that he is.

During our time in the NICU, I made a promise to myself- to never be ashamed of Jaxson and our story which has been a blessing to so many others. He was discharged on 4 medications, oxygen support and a pulse oximeter. Due to his gestational age things could've been a lot worse but by the grace of God they weren't. So when people ask about his oxygen while in public I proudly share how we have overcome. God brought us through our storm, and because He did, I have made it my mission to provide support and awareness for other preemie moms.

I am also thankful that I have the opportunity to provide quality essentials to Jaxson. We appreciate products like Pampers that offer a wide range of options when it comes to keeping him dry. By using Pampers Premium Care diapers I can honestly say that I trust Jaxson will be comfortable and remain dry throughout the day and night. Pampers Premium Care diapers are not only gentle, but hypoallergenic as well and helps maintain Jaxson soft skin. I love that they are lightweight yet very absorbent and as a mother it brings ease of mind that this is a product that I can 100% hands down trust!

In addition, I promise to be Jaxson’s best friend, his favorite cuddle buddy and praying mother. I promise to show Jaxson that there is beauty even in tough situations. He will know the true essence of perseverance and not giving up by watching me as an example. I had these canvas's created for his room to provide a constant reminder of the morals and values I want to instill in him. From the moment I found out I was carrying him I prayed for him and still do. With God's help and the support of our village, Jaxson will grow up to be a strong man of God and will know the love of Christ.