If you’ve been following along on Instagram then you’ll know that my pregnancy has been moving right along! I’m in my 20th week and baby C is right on track. I began getting Makena (progestrone) injections at 16 weeks, in hopes of carrying full term! The auto injectors shots are administered behind the arm and they BURN! I mean literally my arm feels like it is on fire for at least an hour to 2 post shot. I’ve gotten 5 so far and the burning is sensation is getting more tolerable, but I have starting to have soreness and knots at the injection site. Ice packs are my friends :)

20 week Praying Mom bump.jpeg

My HG has subsided greatly THANK YOU LORD! I am still taking 1 anti nausea medicine (1 in the AM and 1 at night) and I am finally beginning to gain weight (still below my pre pregnancy weight), however I am eating and drinking much more than I was during weeks 6-14! Sadly I still can’t enjoy some of my favorite things like ice cream, lattes, milkshakes, etc. because baby doesn’t like it :( But its ok, I know this isn’t forever :) I am having cravings here and there, nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. This week its been cheesecake brownies, a slice of pizza from Costco and a burrito from Chipotle! Now that my sickness has gotten better I find myself enjoying this pregnancy a little more since I am able to actually do normal things and not lay in bed all day!

I had my anatomy scan and the baby looked perfect, and has a nice and steady heartbeat of 153! I am still seeing my OB and getting a sonograph every 2 weeks until I get to 24 weeks, at that point we will spread out the appointments to probably once a month. The reason for my frequent visits is because I went into premature labor with Jaxson at 21 weeks and ultimately delivered at 22 weeks 6 days. I wasn’t diagnosed with incompetent cervix, I didn’t just randomly/spontaneously go into labor. If that were the case then I would’ve been diagnosed with IC and ultimately would’ve needed a cerclage (cervix stitching) along with the progestrone shots with this pregnancy. My complications (with my first pregnancy) began from a UTI which irritated my cervix causing it to open. AKA it was considered a fluke. So, my OB is just watching closely and so far my cervix has stayed nice, long and CLOSED! I have had quite a few bacterial infections this pregnancy which has caused me a little nervousness and even 1 short hospital stay at 13ish weeks. But ultimately, the antibiotics have worked and not caused any issues with my cervix. And at this present time, I have no infections!

Makena Shots.jpeg

I get asked quite often if I am nervous about having another preemie. Naturally the nerves have tried to set in here and there BUT I remind myself that worrying is doing myself and GOD a disservice. One of the most important things I have to do is STAY POSITIVE! I don’t allow the negative thoughts to take over. I have my goal at the for front of my mind and I focus on that. AS time continues on, I am embracing this pregnancy more and more. My husband and I have decided that this will be our grand finale baby! I’m not really set on wanting one gender over the other. I’m fine either way, I just really want a healthy full term baby. Speaking of gender, we are having our big REVEAL on October 20th! Because we are in a new state, we only know a handful of people so our gathering will be quite intimate, but we are excited to have this celebration! I will make a separate post from the big day so be on the look out for that!

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I am so thankful for each person who is following our journey and praying for our family. I feel blessed to be able to share our lives with you all. There are so many women who have been in my shoes of having a micro preemie and wanting to have another baby, but are scared or just want to know that everything will be ok. My OB always reminds me that every pregnancy is different- and for me personally the plan is different this time around which should ultimately produce a different result. I put myself out there to share my experience and hope that it encourages another Mom to take that big leap to expand their family. Know that you are not alone and if you ever have any questions or just want to talk, I’m here! Cheers to 21 weeks (tomorrow 10/13)