Kam 4 months 4.jpeg

Kamryn is officially 4 months old! 4 MONTHS!!!!!! My baby girl is growing up so quickly! She is so alert, aware and bursting with a beautiful personality. It’s really been a blessing to experience Motherhood in a different way this time around. I’ve literally watched her grow and change so much in just 4 short months. And having her with us from day 1 without having to spend any time in the NICU has just been so wonderful. She has discovered her hands  (which she loves to put in her mouth) and most recently she started touching her feet while doing a half roll to the side. She is fascinated by Jaxson and loves when we talk to her. Her little smile just warms my heart and her happiness brings us so much joy! Oh, and she is a GOOD sleeper Praise Jesus!

Kam 4 months 2.jpeg

I’m enjoying the bond that we are creating daily...I never pictured myself as a girl mom but now that we are here I am loving every bit of it! As we enter into this 4th month- we are still going strong with breastfeeding and let me tell you, Kam LOVES Mommy’s milk, ok?! I enjoy feeding her and knowing that she is growing because of what I’m proving for her m. My goal for breast feeding is to make it to 6 months minimum since that’s when we plan on starting solids. 

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been going through a phase where she only really wants Mommy to hold her. Some have said it’s because I BF her and I’m with her majority of the time. Over be weekend we had a little breakthrough and she seems to be warming back up to Daddy!! 

Kam 4 months 3.jpeg

A few weeks ago she and I took a quick trip to LA to visit with family and she did really well. She earned her first wings on Delta :) and got to meet some our family and friends! It was a much needed getaway and we are looking forward to traveling more with her and Jaxson as well. 

When Jaxson was 4 months old we were able to bring him home from the NICU- and he ironically came home the day before his due date. Which meant, he was only 1 day adjusted aka a Newborn. He didn’t act like a 4 month old at all because when a child is born premature they act more like their adjusted age then their actual age. So having Kamryn full term and experiencing the milestones that align with her actual age is just beautiful. I can’t wait to see how she continues to grow and evolve in the months to come. She is such a blessing to our family and I’m grateful for this 2nd journey of Motherhood.