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February 11th was truly one of the best days of my life. It’s the day one of my biggest dreams came to pass…I gave birth to a healthy full term baby girl!

My husband and I went to L&D at 5am for my scheduled c-section. I remember walking through those doors confident and feeling beyond grateful to have made it 38 weeks! We didn’t get much sleep the night before as we were excited and wrapping up some loose ties at the house. I knew we would be admitted for a few days, so it was important for me to have things in order beforehand. This would also be the first time I spent an extended time away from Jaxson since his NICU days-so I needed to make sure I had things organized for him before I gave birth. It was important for me to keep his routine the same while he was in the care of my Mom. Life as we knew it was about to change forever and I wanted him to feel safe and have some normalcy during this huge transition.


Upon our arrival to L& D, my nerves were the calmest they had been all week as we checked in and prepared for my 7am surgery. Many assured me that having a scheduled c-section would be completely different than having an emergency one like I had with Jaxson. And it was so true! From the time I was in pre-op, to getting my spinal tap in the OR everything was so calm and peaceful. The team was in good spirits and really made me feel comfortable. I also felt God’s peace and presence surrounding me. I could hardly believe the time had come for me to meet my baby girl who I was blessed to carry for 9 WHOLE MONTHS!


Once my husband was allowed into the OR, it was show time! The medication had me feeling nice and relaxed, kind of euphoric. There was soft music playing in the background and although the room was cold and sterile it was calm and controlled. And before I knew it, the Anesthesiologist told hubby to stand up and get his camera ready- at 7:48am, Kamryn was born! My OB held her up for me to see and I cried tears of joy as she said, “She’s here, we did it!” Hearing my baby girl crying was music to my ears. I caught a quick glimpse of her from behind the plastic as my OB held her up for me to see. All I could think was WOW, we made it!

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The team had to clear out some fluid from her lungs while they took her vitals but boy did she scream lol. Kamryn weighed 6lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. As I was getting closed up, she was brought over to me and I was able to get an up close view of her. I instantly fell in love with her sweet face! Having that brief moment with her after birth was truly the best feeling. It was all that I had imagined and prayed for. My heart was so full of gratitude knowing that we had a successful delivery and that she was 100% healthy! And not only that, I made it through surgery without ANY issues! Praise the Lord!!!!! As routine as having a c-section it is still a bit scary and knowing the risk don’t help! I remember a few weeks prior to giving birth, I felt fear creeping in and I would pray or listen to encouraging music. I needed strength to go through with my birth plan…I had to completely trust that God would allow everything to go smooth so that I could be around for my Husband and children. So having a completely flawless delivery and recovery was such a blessing!

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Through Kamryn’s birth, I was able to experience so many first and last moments. It would be the first time that I would have skin to skin time shortly after my delivery. I didn’t get that with Jaxson until he was 28 days old- in the NICU and hooked up to a ventilator with wires pretty much everywhere. Holding Jaxson for the first time required help from 2 Nurses and he was SO tiny! Not even 2 lbs at the time. This time around, once we were in recovery, I was able to bond with my baby girl and even start our breast feeding journey (more on that later!) Since the day Kamryn was born, she’s been with us! During our 3 day hospital stay- she was only taken out of our room for bath. I appreciate this new journey with my full term baby girl. As a preemie mom I could’ve let fear from the past rob me of a beautiful future with our baby girl. But I said NOPE, I’m stepping out on faith! It’s all been such a surreal and different experience and I will cherish it forever as Kamryn is our grand finale baby. Her birth is such a beautiful reminder that God does ALL things well, in His timing when we put our trust in Him….my heart is grateful!