Jaxson is in a stage where he loves to touch any and everything. His little mind is so inquisitive and he is constantly exploring his surroundings. His new thing is also climbing all over me and I finally understand the saying, "I'm a human jungle gym". I take it all in stride and wouldn't change it for the world. Although some days are tough, I'm just grateful my son CAN do all of that which he's doing.

He's reaching milestones at a rapid pace and becoming more of a big boy everyday. He recently cut 4 teeth and the molars are on their way in. Remember when I said he touches everything? Well that includes my jewelry. I use discretion on what kind of jewelry I wear because he likes to put it in his mouth. He will do whatever it takes to soothe his gums. I often feel bad telling him NO or STOP when he is tugging at my necklace or earrings. Sometimes chewing his pacifier and fingers don't completely satisfy him. So when I got the opportunity to try out Nuby's Teethable Jewelry, I hopped at the chance! Not only is it appealing and easily matches my wardrobe, its safe and satisfying for Jaxson. Prior to trying it out, I had never really been a fan of some of the teething jewelry on the market. However, seeing the designs that Nuby offered truly sparked interest. I would recommend this jewelry to the mom who wants to keep it cute while out and about with their little one. You won't have to worry about them putting something in their mouth that's filled with germs and its nice silicone will be so soothing to your little one. I can truly say that I appreciate Nuby and all they offer both mom and baby!

*Nuby's full range of Adult Tithable Jewelry is available at Babie's R'Us & Amazon



Failure: lack of success

This is a word that should be obliterated from the vocabulary of women. People period. I remember after I gave birth to Jaxson I struggled with feelings of guilt and failure. I told myself and really believed that my body failed me and failed to keep my baby growing. Although I had done everything right I still in some ways felt it was my fault he was born prematurely. I fought with these feelings each and every day for MONTHS! Sometimes the thoughts were debilitating and brought tears to my eyes. 

Bringing Baby Home

Bringing Baby Home

Bringing your baby home from the NICU can be a very joyous and overwhelming experience. I talk extensively about our experience in my blog titled: Life after the NICU But, I decided to share a few quick and helpful tips to keep in mind while preparing to bring your little one home and get settled into life at home.

                                  6 TIPS:

  1. Make sure you have lined up a pediatrician one who has experience caring for premature babies. Its best to ask for references via the NICU staff or other preemie moms. Once you have found your prospects, its a good idea to call and arrange a phone or in person interview/consult with the Doctor prior to committing. A few days prior to discharge, the nurse may ask if you have a Pediatrician and you will need to provide their info- usually the NICU case manager or social worker will schedule the first appointment 2 days following your babies discharge. It is also important to verify if your baby will need to have any other follow up appointments with specialist.