Dealing with ROP

When Jaxson was just 3 months old he had to undergo a procedure on his right eye. Around 32 weeks gestation he began to develop ROP which is retinopathy of prematurity which in severe cases if left untreated can cause blindness. During his first eye exam, the ophthamologist said everything looked fine and she would reexamine in 2 weeks. Within that time frame Jaxson's eye development changed. The part of the eye that ROP affects is the retina- by stage 4 the retina is likely detached from the eyeball and blindness occurs. Over the following weeks Jaxson had developed stage 2 zone 1 ROP in both eyes.

He had weekly eye exams which then turned into being examined twice a week in the NICU and as the left eye stayed stable, the right eye got worse (stage 2 zone 2) and he needed emergency intervention the following day after being examined. ROP can advance very quickly and we were warned by his Doctor that if intervention was needed then it would have to happen quickly. The recovery process took 3 days- the sedation made it very hard for him to breathe on his own. While his eye was in much better shape and technically saved, he began having respiratory issues. Those 3 days were VERY scary! He remained intubated and was put on an oscillator (which does all the breathing for the baby) at very high settings. One of his lungs collapsed and they even mentioned he had a touch of pneumonia. He was given antibiotics and by day 3 he started coming back around.

There were 2 options available to treat his ROP: the avastin injection and laser surgery. With treatment it pretty much destroys the damaged tissue and allows a restart to occur. His Doctor felt as if the injection would be the best course of treatment. Now with that said it also meant lots of follow up after being discharged. Jaxson had 9 follow up appointments which occurred every Tuesday afternoon. At each appointment we received good news- his eyes were developing very well and it appeared as if nothing was ever wrong! Talk about a miracle! By the last follow up Jaxson was completely cleared for ROP!!!!!! 

We went today for the first time since January and it was another successful appointment praise God! Over the last few months we have noticed him focusing on things more and following us with his eyes. Its been amazing to watch him grow and develop without any issues with his eyes or other major health concerns. Because of such a successful appointment today, we don't have to see Dr. Clark for 6 months! The Lord is good, and faithful...we are so grateful!