Husband Appreciation

In this day and age a lot of focus goes to mommy and baby and the doting daddy is left waiting in the wings. In my marriage and when it comes to parenthood, I have always expressed how important it is to me that my husband feel special and not be put on the back burner. He's totally fine with not having the spotlight on him. However, he's my man and I love him so I go the extra mile to let him know that he is appreciated. The bond he and Jaxson share is so amazing to watch. We prayed for a son long before he was conceived and God gave us what we asked for. I'd like to say that Jaxson is only obsessed with me, but boy does he love his daddy! They have such a special relationship and I am very blessed to witness the love and laughter between these two.

Luxury Men's Watch courtesy of  JORD Wood Watches

Luxury Men's Watch courtesy of JORD Wood Watches

I recently had the opportunity to partner with JORD WOOD WATCHES and I was able to bless my husband with an amazing gift. Although Marc doesn't wear much jewelry he can appreciate a nice watch. To say he was pretty happy with his surprise is putting it lightly. He has worn it every chance he can and it compliments his style very well. Something that really caught my attention is how beautifully crafted it is. It's not flashy or traditional which allows it to subtly stand out and make a statement. This watch is so beautiful and lightweight and Marc absolutely loves it and receives compliments on it. I think when a man feels good, and has that extra confidence it allows him to be his best. Marc takes his responsibility as a husband and father very serious and I hope that I can continue to be a blessing to him just as he's been to me! 

I have partnered with JORD for a fun little giveaway! The timing couldn't be more perfect considering the holidays are quickly approaching!  Winner will receive a $75 voucher, and all those who enter will be given a $20 gift card to JORD wood watches! 

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The featured style can be found  HERE

The featured style can be found HERE

The contest will close November 20th at 11:59pm. Both the $75 and the $20 codes will expire on January 1st, 2017.