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Mother's Day

What an honor it is to be a MOTHER. God has given me the biggest blessing and responsibility in becoming a Mom. I was talking to a friend of mine and we kinda chuckled over the fact that we are mother's. It was a dream since childhood to have a family so the fact that God allowed it to happen still blows my mind sometimes. For me getting pregnant wasn't complicated, but as you know midway through my pregnancy complications began thus leading to my son being born prematurely. So I'll say that the road to motherhood wasn't completely "easy", but its all been worth it. I've learned so much about myself since carrying my son in my womb and thus being his mother everyday.

Pregnancy Announcement- Mother's Day 2015

Pregnancy Announcement- Mother's Day 2015

Celebrating this year was beautiful and amazing. I felt so grateful and happy to have the functioning role as Jaxson's Mom. On Mother's Day 2015, I was almost 12 weeks pregnant and pretty sick. I was struggling with hyperemisis graviderium but managed to have a good day with the assistance of anti-nausea medication. Because of my condition last year, and simply wanting to do something different, my husband and I decided to host a Mother's Day Brunch at our house for our families. We cooked a full spread, played games gushed over my little baby bump. On that day we also announced to the world that we were expecting!

Fast forward to 2016 and I was able to celebrate with my loved ones AND my little bundle of joy. We stuck with the same tradition and decided to host Mother's Day brunch at our home again. Hubby and I cooked a lovely spread which consisted of: Belgian waffles, fried chicken, eggs, smothered potatoes, and bacon! Yum! The food was amazing and the love I received was such a blessing.

After Church with Jaxson- Mother's Day 2016

After Church with Jaxson- Mother's Day 2016

Jaxson also enjoyed being the center of attention- he was surrounded by so much love and by the end of the night once he was bathed he was fast asleep until 10am the next morning!!! Family is an amazing blessing, one that I do not take for granted. Yes, being a mother is hard sometimes and exhausting but I don't take any of it for granted. I cherish all of the moments and every morning, even if its REALLY early, hearing my son laugh and babble is such a reward. Thinking back to where we started allows me to be grateful that we are living some of our best days, these are the days we prayed for and my heart is beyond full!

I hope you all had an enjoyable MOTHER'S DAY. My heart goes out to those that may be struggling on the journey to motherhood, Mommies to Angel babies, daughters who have lost their mothers and all of the NICU Mommy's who sit at their babies bedside daily, hoping and praying for a miracle. You are loved!

9 Months

I would be telling a story if I said it didn't feel like just yesterday I gave birth to my little miracle. The day everything changed and our lives would never be the same. I'm a different me than I was 9 months ago. I've grown and changed in so many ways. Life has more meaning and purpose. Knowing and living my purpose was something I began to struggle with prior to having Jaxson. Yes I had a pretty stable life...great career, small business and the love of my life. Yet I still felt like something was missing. There was an emptiness inside- I prayed many days and nights asking God to show me what he wanted me to do and what more he wanted for my life. Of course I always knew I wanted to be a mother but never knew that actually becoming a mom would give me so much life and be an answered prayer. Alas purpose! Although our 9 months of pregnancy was literally cut in half, I am still beyond thankful for the gift to bringing a child into the world.

Our journey in itself has opened my eyes to how precious and refreshing new life truly is. My sons life has taught me what true strength is, what true love is and I am beyond grateful that God specifically purposed ME to be Jaxson's mother! I'm amazed daily at how far we have come since July 18, 2015.

The time has quickly flown by and I feel that with each passing day I blink and my son is bigger, brighter and so much more amazing than the day before. I had heard the phrase before having kids but boy oh boy do I really understand it now. My heart is so full when I look at our miracle and he smiles at me or rest his right hand in my shirt for comfort. At 9 months Jaxson is the happiest baby- he's strong, brave and healthy. Despite his very early arrival he is healthy. I thank God for his health. At our 9 month check up our pediatrician wrote an order to discontinue oxygen support! Um amazing! For several weeks my husband and I had started the weaning process and Jaxson has been doing so well so we kept going. His lungs are so much stronger than they used to be.


Our prayers once again have been answered. We will now have to adjust to a life without wires. A life of normalcy so to speak. The future is so bright for our 22 week preemie, to say I'm excited yet nervous would be an understatement. He doesn't know a life without oxygen support or a pulse oximeter, but now he will and for that I smile with a grateful heart and say, thank you Lord! I'm amazed at your work!