When your sons Pediatrician affirms you and the decisions you've made I would say that's hashtag WINNING! Not that I need kudos for becoming a stay at home turned work from home mom, it's just nice to hear sometimes. There was 1 appointment in the past where his Pediatrician implied that him being home with me was hindering his hurt my feelings, I blogged about it and miraculously he never said THAT again and has since praised me every chance he gets :)

Anyway, this was a very busy week for us. Jaxson's big birthday party was on Saturday (see photos below) and he had a blast with all of his little buddies. I didn't go overboard with decor this year like I did for his 1st but I did sprinkle my touches here and there. Pinterest inspired some of my ideas and I created the theme "In TWO the wild". Super cute, simple and it matched the venue- Scooter's Jungle.

So we made it through that and then Jaxson's actual Birthday was on Tuesday! I took him to his favorite indoor playground, "We Play Loud" which is such a fun place and it's CLEAN!!!! He's never gotten sick from going there unlike other indoor playgrounds we've gone to. He also had Speech Therapy twice this week and his 2 year check up! 

Which brings me to my update...

As for Speech Therapy he is really getting into the swing of things and we are started to see his vocabulary expand. He follows 1 step commands, and is really trying hard to say words. I love seeing his progress. So overall, Jaxson is doing really well. He is continuing to thrive and remind us all that he is truly a little miracle. He now weighs 27lbs, 33 3/4 inches and has no health concerns!!! Amazing! For the first year of his life, we had to see his Pediatrician SO much as he was on oxygen and numerous medications. Since he's managed to stay healthy this year we've alone seen his doctor at 18 months and then today. Again, amazing! He will get his flu shot in about a month or so and then no check-ups until he is 3!

As a mother to a baby given 20% chance of survival, I couldn't be more grateful for Jaxson's life and good health. 2 years ago I was in the hospital receiving grim statistics and predictions on what could be of my sons health- and what do you know, my son with the help of God proved EVERYONE wrong! Science told us he shouldn't have survived let alone, walk, talk, eat, breath, think, grow, etc. With exception of his speech delay he is miraculous and not showing signs that he was born at 22 weeks 6 days. His life is a reminder that good things DO happen to those who believe!

So as we enter this next season of life, I hope you look at Jaxson and believe that anything is possible. Don't take NO for answer, don't just lay down and die, fight for the things you want and love. Your miracle is on the other side of the struggle, so hang in there and keep believing that your best days are ahead of you!