My name is Ima (pronounced E-MA) which means Mother in Hebrew and Love in Nigerian which is where my Father is from.

I am the wife to my wonderful Husband Marc who I was friends with for 7 years before dating.

Mother to miracle baby Jaxson born 17 weeks premature.

Business Owner of Hooked by Ima

Co-Owner of Brand Ave. Clothing

Crafty DIY Gal Pinterest Lover

Coffee Drinker Loves to Cook and Sip Wine

 Former NICU Mom and Supporter to parents on the NICU journey.

Saved by Grace and led by Jesus

I am a real woman who has seen many highs and lows throughout life, I am here to give hope to others who may be facing hard times.

I live to inspire, encourage and uplift- I have great joy in sharing my story and being a testimony to bring God glory.